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Possibly one of the most exciting pen-style Vape kits to have been released this year…let me introduce to you the Innokin Pocketmod kit!

Unlike any other Vape with 2000mAh Battery power the Innokin Pocketmod kit is so compact it really does live up to it’s name. If you are one for stealth Vaping this kit is for you. Despite the battery power and the 2ml tank it is so small and discrete we’re still wondering how it’s all fitted in!

I’ve got to be honest here : whenever customer’s come in wanting a new Vape I get so excited to show the the Innokin Pocketmod.  There are a few reasons for this, carry on reading my Innokin Pocketmod Review to find out why…

This kit is perfect for everyone, whether you are just starting out or have been Vaping for years.

Firstly this vape is the ‘press and go’ style – all you need to do is fill the tank with liquid, press the fire button and off you go. No need to fiddle around with wattage, temperature control and other things, just start vaping!

Then there is the options of what type of Vaping experience you want to have with the two different coils. This brilliant little kit offers both Mouth to Lung and Direct to Lung vaping.  And you don’t have to work out wattages or ohms, the kit re-adjusts itself depending on which coil you have installed.

What is the difference I hear you ask? Well, Mouth to lung vaping gives you a ‘tight draw’ reminiscent of a real cigarette. You draw the vapous into your mouth and then down into the lung. This type of vaping usually produces less cloud and users have higher nicotine strengths – this is a type of vaping that uses lower wattage. Direct to Lung vaping is a much freer, airier vaping experience. This gives the user more flavour and more cloud. This type of vaping uses a higher wattage and therefore a lower nicotine level juice is normally required.

What’s great about the Innokin Pocketmod kit is that is allows you to do both! So whether you are starting out and not sure which you would prefer, or want to be able to switch between the two you are perfectly capable by just switching over the coils. There are only two types of coil (the element that heats your eJuice) which makes things a lot easier too. The 1.2ohm for mouth to lung vaping and the 0.35ohm for direct to lung vaping.

But your also have the airflow control feature – as seen on many other tanks.  This means that although you have the more limited feature of being unable to change the wattage apart from the automatic registering of what the coil resistance is (and therefore an approximate output wattage) you do get the personalisation of controlling the airflow.

What does the airflow control do?  Well, the more open the air hole is, the more air you are allowing through the tank when you vape.  This gives you larger, smoother plooms of vape clouds.  Shutting the airflow off you get more resistance (a harder ‘draw’ on the vape) as well as more ‘pure’ vapour.  This gives you a better nicotine hit, and more of a ‘feel’ of drawing on a cigarette.  There isn’t a set “on or off” for airflow, you can quite literally find the right level for you by sliding through the airflow control on the top of the inbuilt tank.

Lastly, a unique feature of the Innokin Pocketmod kit is the cap which (finally!) is a way to keep your mouthpiece clean when it is in your pocket, bag or wherever you put your vape down. This great feature has been a long time coming (no one likes to be picking fluff out of their throat when needing a hit of nicotine!) and we are thankful for it.

The casing of the vape is really tacktile, almost rubberised.  This not only feels great in your hand but also helps you keep a good grip on your Vape!  The inbuilt tank glass isn’t directly on the outside.  It is rather protected by the device and you’d have to be pretty unlucky to smash it (although now I say this I’m sure many of you readers could prove me wrong…!).

I absolutely LOVE that Innokin have started to think about the practicalities of Vaping…sometimes I haven’t got the time to make sure my Vape is put in the right pocket in my bag and strapped in.  In fact, it really never is – if you want something that you can just pick up and put it in your pocket or your bag then this really is the Vape for you.

All of my customers coming in to I Ain’t No Saint have been treated to my childlike excitement with this kit.  Oh and did you know it comes in a great colour range?  Of course, you have the standard Black and Red that a lot of Vape kits come in, but Innokin have added some more exciting colours too.  If you’d bored of black but dont want anything too much, there’s a Navy blue (my personal favourite), Grey (which honestly I’d say is more of a silver…) and pink.

The one drawback with these kits is that they have been likened to a a lipstick.  Now, I’ll be honest and say none of my lipsticks are the size of the Innokin Pocketmod, but I can see what is meant.  However, it’s not that much of a problem, it looks like a vape when you use it and it’s so good that who cares?!

So, make sure you get one of these groundbreaking kits today from I Ain’t No Smoker so order online now!  You can get it delivered direct to your door or you can click and collect in the I Aint No Saint Studio when you are next passing.

Anna x

Innokin Pocketmod kit Contents:

1 x Innokin Pocketmod Vape Stick
1 x Pocketmod 0.35 Ohm DL Atomizer Coil (Fitted)
1 x Pocketmod 1.2 Ohm MTL Atomizer Coil (Alternative)
1 x USB Battery Charging Cable
1 x User Guide (Quick Start)
Innokin Pocketmod Vaping Starter Kit Features:

Size: Ultra-compact
Casing: Mixed materials
Style: Fashionable vape stick designed for easy DL or MTL vaping
Concealed 2ml capacity e liquid tank
Removeable hygienic tank-cap
Handy wrist-band on removeable cap
Easy tank filling system
Discreet oval window to view e liquid level
Ergonomic oval Fire button
Multiple click on/off safety feature
Display type: Discreet flashing LED
Battery: High-power 2000mAh internal battery
Comes with USB recharge cable
Recharge from laptop, PC or wall charger (not supplied)
Comes fitted with a 0.35 Ohm coil for direct-lung inhale
Spare 1.2 Ohm coil provided for mouth-to-lung inhale
Simple coil replacement system
Coil life typically 1 to 2 weeks depending on usage
Organic cotton coil wicks for pure flavour
Built-in electronic safety systems
High power battery for more vapes per charge
Discreet design in on-trend colours
Ergonomic contours for extra comfort
Perfect as a first vaping device
Great for trying MTL & DL inhale styles
Available in Grey, Blue, Red, Black or Purple

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