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Zap! Juice Salt Nic Shot 18mg gives your shortfill eJuice  a nicotine boost that is smoother than most.

Nic Salts are made from the same nicotine that is found in its natural state within the tobacco leaf.  Nic Salt delivers Nicotine more effectively than traditional freebase nicotine that we’ve previously had in eJuice.

They are a smoother Vape than traditional nicotine eLiquid without a really harsh throat hit that you would normally get from other liquids.  This means you can get a better nicotine hit to stop your cravings without a harsh, rough throat hit.

The Zap! Juice Salt Nic Shot contains 18mg of nicotine in a 10ml bottle and is designed to be added to a shortfill bottle of eJuice (with zero nicotine).  Adding the Zap! Juice Salt Nic Shot to a 60ml shortfill will make it up to a 3mg strength, great for your sub ohm vape kits.

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