It’s here!  The brand new Smok Species has arrived and I have been lucky enough to try it out so read the Smok Species Kit Review find out if this is the kit for you…

So, Smok is notorious for giving us some great Kits – this the ProColor Kit, Mag Kit and lots more.  But the Smok Species Kit has gained a lot of hype as the newest high powered kit on the market.  But does it live up to the excitement?

I got my hands on the Rainbow version of the kit (of course…) but this one comes in 8 different colours – and they are not all so shiny and in your face so there is one for everyone, or every outfit if you so wish…

Once it arrived, I got it straight out of the box to try so I could give all of you my honest thoughts in this Smok Species Kit Review.  I wanted to make sure that you could all have a real insight into using the kits, before having to buy it and try things out for yourself.

But first!  Let’s start off with the technical details (there are a few, so bare with me here…) 

Right, here we go with a quick run down:

  • Brand New! Responsive 1.45″ High Definition Touch Screen
  • 1-230W output (powered by 2x 18650 batteries)
  • Newly developed TFV8 Baby V2 Tank (2ml capacity)
  • Brand new Baby V2 coils
  • Squeeze fire button
  • Intelligent Atomiser recognition
  • Puff monitoring system
  • 10 second cut off
  • Short circuit protection
  • Overheating protection
  • Over discharge protection
  • Exclusive derlin drip tip
  • New Top refill system
  • Supports firmware system upgrades

Plus lots more!

Honestly, at first glance this kit has A LOT going on.  The new screen is bright and easy to use – you can pick for 6 feature colours (I’ve gone for purple) but whatever you choose there it is clear yet detailed.  Before you start using the screen, there is a lock, so you won’t be able to change settings accidentally in you pocket or just by touching it.

Once unlocked you can change the wattage easily or access the main menu.  In the main menu there are 4 options, from which you can access the Output mode setting – choose between VW or TC.  Puff settings – set the limit of puffs, the number of puffs you have taken and reset the puff counter – basically keeping track of how many drags you have taken on your Smok Species Kit.  Screen Settings, here is where you will be able to change the colours of the screen.  And your system settings: check your UUID (Universally Unique Identifyer), fine tune your resistance value, restore the factory settings and turn off from the main screen (although you can also do this with the 5 clicks from the fire button as normal)

Clutching my brand new Smok Species kit I jumped in to setting it up.  Basically, I primed the new coil (I used the prefitted A1 0.17ohm coil) with some juice, filled up the tank, popped in 2x 18650 batteries and turned it on.

As with many kits, it asked if the coil was new or not.  Then we were on to the Wattage settings.  Firstly, I got annoyed as nothing was working, then I read the instructions (I would suggest you do this to start with…) and realised I needed to unlock the screen.

Screen unlocked, Wattage set to 102W and we were off.

Here we go…the first puff quite literally blew me off my feet…

Yes, I know, it all sounds a bit over dramatic, but it really was quite dramatic.  The clouds were big and SO flavoursome.  Quite honestly, the flavour blew me away.

I had been told that this new kit was good for flavour, but I wasn’t expecting this.  Some of the reviews I had read said that the new Smok TFV8 Baby V2 Tank is too airy and sounds like a jet taking off.  I would have to disagree.  If you like clouds, and lots of flabvour this tank is AWESOME.  Smok have put in 3 air vents at the bottom, but if you want more resistance, you can shut it off, just like other tanks with 2 air vents.

The tank also has brand new coils.  They are fitted with Anti Bacterial Medical cotton and there are 3 different mesh coils.  Smok have decided with this tank to just go straight for mesh – there is no original wire in the coils, just mesh.  What makes this so great is there is a larger heating area with mesh, to give you a much quicker burn and loads more flavour.  There are 3 different resistances and 3 different colours too, all for Vaping at different Wattages for your own personal preference.

The easy squeeze fire button on the Smok Species Kit means that you can pick it up and Vape straight away, when you want to.  You don’t need to fiddle about trying to find a fire button.

And when you need to change things around a bit, just unlock the touch screen and you can quickly get things sorted.

When you want to fill up the TFV8 Baby V2 Tank Smok has kept the swivel top for easy filling with no mess (phew!) but with the addition of a small button to open the top of the tank – meaning that even after a few uses the top of the tank does not come undone in your pocket and keeps your juice safely in the tank.

Ultimately, if you want to grab yourself a high powered kit which produces large, flavoursome clouds this is the kit for you.  Whether you are a Cloud Chaser or just looking for a good, sturdy kit this is for you.  And trust me, this is a sturdy kit.  To be honest with you, I can be a little clumsy and this kit has been dropped just a few times in the 2 weeks that I have had it.  Most recently after the last drop I thought that was it.  The kit wouldn’t turn on (even though I had dropped it on a soft surface…).  I panicked, couldn’t work out what was going on, took the batteries out, changed them over, everything.  Then I realised that it had just turned itself off and I just had to click the fire button 5 times to turn it back on…

So yes, it is sturdy; it has withstood some ‘rigorous testing'(!).  It is a great kit for clouds and flavour and for battery life.  The ease of use makes it simple enough for those looking to move on from smaller devices, but has all the features for seasoned Vapers!

No, if you want a simple kit that replicates a cigarette then the brand new Innokin Endura T18E II is much more suited to you.  But for those wanting a high powered device then put the Smok Species Kit in your bag right now!

Have you tried this kit and want to give us your own Smok Species Kit Review?  The let us know what you think in the comments below!

If you would like to get your hands on one of these new Kits after reading this review?  You can get one here.

Don’t need a new kit but want to try the new Smok TFV8 Baby V2 Tank?  You can buy that here.

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