If you are switching to Vaping from Smoking we can help give you advice on what to go for.  You will also find links to outside support and help too. Online Vape Shop 

Is Vaping right for me?

Yes!  Ok, ok, of course we would say that.  But we know that everyone is different and giving up smoking is a completely personal experience and the needs of one smoker will differ completely from the next.

Public Health England published a report at the end of December 2018 that showed Vaping is at least 95% less harmful than smoking, as well as MP’s calling for the Government to encourage Vaping in August 2018.

With the right kits, juice and nicotine level, we believe Vaping is a great way to give up smoking.

Why is Vaping a good way to give up smoking?

Although it is the nicotine that the body is addicted to, when giving up smoking quite often it is the habitual act of having a cigarette that a lot of smokers find hard to give up. 

With other NRT’s  (Nicotine Replacement Therapy) like Patches and Gum you get the nicotine that you crave, but none of the other parts of the habit that we get so used to when smoking. 

Quite often our customers say that it is the act of having something in their hand, the action of raising something to their mouth, inhaling and feeling a ‘throat hit’ or exhaling and seeing something like smoke that they miss or find difficult to give up.  With Vaping, you get all of that, as well as the nicotine (if you choose a juice that has nicotine content) giving you the full experience of smoking, without having a cigarette.  


Should I get professional help?

Yes if you feel you need professional healthcare advice of have been having any health problems you must contact your GP. 

Here at I Aint No Smoker we are Vaping enthusiasts who know a lot about all things Vaping – however!  WE ARE NOT AND DO NOT CLAIM TO BE MEDICAL PROFESSIONALS.  Yes, we can give you advice, help and guidance with Vaping but if you are thinking about quitting smoking please GET SOME SUPPORT FROM YOUR GP.  

The NHS run many support clinics, have lots of advice on quitting and can provide support to people quitting.  Please scroll down to find links to services that you can access. 


Starting to Vape but totally confused? Don't worry - we all were once!

If you are looking to quit cigarettes and want to join the over 3million people in the UK who have successfully quit smoking through Vaping but finding the switch a bit daunting we are here to help.

The world of Vaping can seem incredibly confusing to start with; from starter kits to Sub Ohm kits, Mouth to Lung vs. Direct to Lung Vaping, Nicotine Levels and more sometimes it seems easier to just buy a packet of cigarettes.

But don’t worry – things really aren’t as complicated as they seem!

Here at I Aint No Smoker not only do we advocate Vaping as a great way to give up smoking, we are also very knowledgeable about the subject.  Having been immersed in the world of Vaping for over 3 years we have extensive knowledge not only about the products we supply and sell, but also how to support customers who want to learn more about Vaping or are having a few ‘teething problems’ when they first start.

We are more than happy to answer any questions or queeries you have.  We are able to give guidance and advice for free if you don’t know where to start, or are struggling to begin with as well as continued support with Kits and Juice that you have bought from us. 

Once you start Vaping and find the best Device, Juice and Nicotine Levels for your personal needs, we are confident that you will never look back!

If you would like to ask any questions, please don’t hesitate to get in contact!

Links for other advice & support

It’s good to talk to someone who actually knows what they are talking about, instead of a shop assistant in regular vape shops who are just there because it’s their job, but they don’t have the product or vaping knowledge.

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