A completely new brand of eJuice which was launched towards the end of last year, this Wise Guys Juice Review is here to give you a complete run down of each flavour and my own verdict on this range…

Recently I had the pleasure of talking to Erkin from Wise Guys Juice.  This guy is the mastermind behind these juices, and he really did talk them up.  Of course, I took this with a pinch of salt; as you can imagine, I have the pleasure of chatting to many people who have – either professionally or otherwise – concocted their own juice flavours, and rest assured they are always THE BEST juices they’ve EVER tasted.

So yes, taken with a pinch of salt (apologies Erkin if you are reading this!) but something really stood out to me when we had a chat…interestingly I had had a conversation with a customer only a few days previously about how frustrating eJuice flavours can be.  We’ve all had a juice that SOUNDS amazing, and then you fill up your tank and it’s either nothing like what it’s supposed to taste like, way too sweet, has some sort of surprise addition that you weren’t expecting or just don’t need or – as we have all found – there is just so much menthol it just freezes your mouth. 

This is exactly what Wise Guys Juice is trying to overcome.  It was explained to me that these juices are all supposed to be exactly what they say they are.  There is no overwhelming menthol or ‘ice’ and every flavour is just a simple mix of a few elements to make sure they are not over the top or too ‘out there’ whilst still being super tasty.

Of course, I needed to try these out.  They talk a good game, but does this brand of 6 eLiquids live up to their description…


When the post arrived with the testers I filled up my tank to get on with the Wise Guys Juice Review…

The delivery arrived on a Friday and the Wise Guys had sent me every flavour in the range to try so I am able to give you a complete Wise Guys Juice review on all 6 flavours!

Below I’ll list each flavour with the description Wise Guys give and then give you my review…

Uncle Vinny – “An irrisistable combination of passionfruit and mango comlimented by a tough of lemon and undertones of bourbon”

As it was Friday, I thought I’d start off with this juice, as it has a bit of a friday feeling about the flavour profile.  I must admit to not being a big drinker (after 4 years of going out 5 nights a week at Uni in my late 20’s I’m pretty much done with drinking…) but this seemed like a cheeky little juice to try.
Partial to an exotic fruit blend the delicate flavours of passionfruit and mango came through straight away.  This juice is, impressively, pretty authentic and true to the description, with the bourbon coming through on the exhale.  My trouble was, having vaped it through the day by the end of the afternoon I felt a little like I was back at Uni and like I had been on a daytime drinking session!  This is not a negative, but it would be more of an evening Vape for me, or one to take if you were going out – but that’s just my personal opinion.  If you enjoy some fruitiness with a splash of bourbon this juice is perfect.
My Verdict?  This first juice lives up to the authenticity of flavour the Wise Guys Juice is going for.  It’s not over powering, the flavours are pretty much all there but in balanced qualities.

Donna Bacchi – “Aromatic Red Tobacco with a hint of sweetish Vanilla – the ultimate choice for lovers of a smooth tobacco vape”

Before we get into this, you may have seen a previous review that explains I have never really found a truly authentic ‘tobacco flavour’ vape.  There are two tobacco flavours in the Wise Guys range – I’m not going to lie, my heart sank a little: TWO tobacco flavours in a range? Really?  But true to my word, and keen to find out how this one would go down (or perhaps eager to get the tasting over with…) this is the second one that found its way into my tank…and I was completely taken aback!
Having never found a juice that tasted like Tobacco this was EXACTLY that!  It is the most true tobacco tasting eJuice that I have come across (and I have been in the world of Vaping for at least 3 years now…).
My Verdict?  If you are desperately trying to find a genuine Tobacco flavoured juice you MUST try this juice.  It is guaranteed to be a big hit with anyone who just wants a Vape that tastes like tobacco.

The Consigliere – “A seamless mix of juicy pomegranate and fresh Sicilian lemon with a gentle cooling sensation to wake up you senses”

Oh did I groan with disappointment when I read the last part of the description – pomegranate and lemon sounds DELICIOUS!  But oh no, no no no, please, not the overwhelming ‘cooling sensation’ yet again that spoils so many juices…
BUT WAIT!  I popped this in the tank, ready to be disappointed, and I took a drag, and another, then another.  Hold on…yes, you can taste the pomegranate and the lemon and…yes, there is the cooling sensation in the background…and that was it.  Just super fruity, fresh and slightly cool.  There was nothing overpowering about the chill to this juice, no lingering cold mouth/throat, just a really nice refreshing vape.
My Verdict?  Give me more!  This juice is really impressive and certainly can see it as your next favourite all day vape.

Little Jimmy – “A delightfully refreshing combination of cantaloupe melon and green mango crafted to please your taste buds”

This juice is delightful; delightfully fresh, light but still full of flavour!  I’m not going to lie, melon is not my jam (apart from Watermelon), so although I would not choose it personally, it is genuine and true to what it says it is.  The two flavours are perfectly balanced, without the addition of anything else, because quite frankly you don’t need it.
My verdict?  This is 100% an all day vape for anyone who likes to keep things fresh and fruity.  It isn’t sickly sweet, it won’t get too much and can just sit happily in your tank throughout the day giving you the satisfying Vape you need.

Don Bacchi – “A rich and smoky blend of brightleaf and burley with a hint of dark tobacco, designed to sate the strongest cravings”

Ok, not going to lie, this one wasn’t for me.  As above, I don’t go for tobacco flavours and personally, I didn’t want to try this juice.  There was nothing in the description that sold it to me BUT if you are looking for a stronger tobacco flavour than Donna Bacchi (this juice’s counterpart) then definitely this is for you.
My verdict?  If you are a hardened smoker who does not want ‘flavoured’ juices, then this is definitely for you.  There is absolutely no argument here that this is a true tobacco flavoured juice that WILL give you what you want if you need a strong tobacco flavoured juice.

Al Dragone – “An exotic cooled created from dragon fruit and watermelon that will exite your senses and leave you with a lingering sensation”

The last juice I tried by Wise Guys this one needed to live up to all expectations and guess what?  It did not disappoint. By now I had gone through the rest of the juices and thought there MUST be one that lets the side down.  But no.  This juice is another cleverly crafted, thoughtfully concocted flavour profile.  You get both the sweetness and freshness from the watermelon and dragon fruit and that delightful lingering sensation is again, slightly cool but you almost don’t realise that it’s there.  You mouth is just left feeling pleasantly fresh with the aftertaste.
My verdict?  I’m happy I left this until last, because it just cemented the fact that this range is full of juices that are neither overpowering or underwhelming.  This juice I cannot fault and is definitely another all day vape.

All of these juices produce great clouds and are all nice and smooth.  They are all a 70VG/30PG mix so great for you sub ohm kits.

The flavours from Wise Guys Juice is not overpowering, but they are certainly not insignificant.  We’ve all had a juice that sounds great and then there is little to no flavour profile at all – these juices are definitely not that.  However, if you like to be smacked in the face with copious amounts of flavouring then these may not be for you.

Over at Wise Guys Juice they have decided to stay true to their MO.  There are (fortunately or unfortunately, depending on your personal tastes) no dessert or real ‘sweet’ flavours.  But to be honest, they don’t need it.  Too many times a brand randomly adds a dessert flavour to try and please people – the Wise Guys Juice range is not trying to be people pleasers but just bring their authentic flavours to your tastebuds.

All of the juices were tested on my Smok Species kit with a 0.2ohm coil vaping at 95watts.


Overall these juices live up to their name; they are cleverly crafted, classy juices.  A range that will certainly suit the most discerning of the Vaping community.   


If you would like to try the Wise Guys Juice range then keep an eye out as we hope to bring them to you in our shop very soon.  For now you can visit the Wise Guys themselves.

All juices in the range are available as 50ml Shortfills. 

Have you tried and of the Wise Guys Juice range?  Is this a range that you are now wanting to get your hands on? Let me know what you thought in the comments below…

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